Marine & Heavy Equipment

Marine & Heavy Equipment Glass: Durable and Precision-Fit

Star Glass, Inc. provides specialized glass replacement and installation services for both marine environments and heavy equipment. Our expertise ensures that every glass solution is tailored to withstand the rigorous demands of both aquatic conditions and heavy-duty operations.

Rugged Durability: We use high-quality, durable glass designed to endure the harsh conditions encountered in marine and heavy equipment applications. This ensures long-lasting performance and protection against environmental and operational stresses.

Custom Fit and Installation: Each piece of glass is precisely measured and cut to ensure a perfect fit, whether it’s for a boat’s windshield, a crane’s operator cabin, or the windows of a bulldozer. Our expert technicians are skilled in installations that meet the unique specifications of each vehicle or vessel.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility: Properly installed glass is crucial for safety and visibility in both marine and heavy equipment contexts. Our replacements enhance the operator’s view and protect against the elements, improving both safety and operational efficiency.

Responsive Service: Understanding the operational needs of marine and heavy equipment operators, we offer prompt and efficient service to minimize downtime and ensure that your equipment or vessel is quickly back in use.

Versatile Solutions: Whether it’s a small fishing boat or a large earth-moving piece of machinery, Star Glass, Inc. provides glass solutions for a wide array of marine and heavy equipment. We handle everything from simple replacements to complex installations.

Trust Star Glass, Inc. for your marine and heavy equipment glass needs. Our commitment to quality, durability, and precise customization ensures that your equipment remains safe, functional, and well-protected. Contact us today to find out how we can assist with your specific glass requirements.

Repair, Replace, Install, and Fabricate

Star Glass, Inc. offers marine glass services that include the fabrication and installation of marine-grade windows, mirrors, hatches, portholes and any other kinds of glass acrylic and synthetic material needs on boats of all sizes and shapes. We can design and fabricate new, custom marine glass and perform repairs of any kind.

We service recreation boats, fishing boats, commercial fishing vessels, super yachts, coastal cruisers, houseboats, tugboats, ferries, workboat vessels, crew vessels, and marine vessels.

Marine Glass Services

  • Boat Window Repair
  • Boat Window Replacement
  • Boat Windshields
  • Sliding Windows
  • Boat Doors
  • Deck Hatches
  • Mirrors
  • Portholes
  • Sleek, Strong & Secure Closures
  • Custom Glass Design & Fabrication
  • Window & Frame Inspection
  • Glass Installations
  • Glass Replacement
  • & more….